Explore the UK company’s history from 1978 onwards.

While the USA has Moog and Dave Smith Instruments and Japan has Korg and Roland, Novation is the arguably UK’s leading synthesiser company. Despite this, its history isn’t quite as well known as its competitors – perhaps because the company was only founded in 1992.

Perhaps as a way of redressing the balance, Novation has launched a timeline of its synth heritage over at its website. As it shows, the company’s history actually stretches back to 1978 when the company’s lead designer Chris Huggett co-founded the Electronic Dream Plant, manufacturer of the Wasp synth.

The timeline starts there and goes up to Novation’s forthcoming MoroderNova, taking in the Bass Station and Supernova along the way. You can check out the timeline at the Novation website, where you also have a chance to win one of the original OSCarr monosynths designed by Huggett in 1983. When you’re done with that, check out FACT’s guide to the best affordable, pocket-sized synthesisers.



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