BNJMN reveals the next record on his freshly launched label.

Titled Chromed, the four-track EP is out on July 6, and features another set of tracks that continue the journey into “dirtier, darker sonic waters” that commenced with his BRACK label’s first release.

As the label explains, the record is full of “idiosyncratic aural details,” mesmeric synths, samples and drums primed for the club that “scrape, stab and shudder.” Streaming below, ‘Sallow’ is perhaps the lighter of the record’s four tracks, with of out-of-focus, looped synths that recall his earliest material on Rush Hour.

BNJMN launched the BRACK label earlier this year with a three-track 12″ of his own material that saw him abandoning computer-based production for the first time. It followed releases for a host of labels over the years including Delsin, Technicolour and Astro:Dynamics, with whom he recently put out a joint album with Best Available Technology. You can also revisit BNJMN’s FACT mix from 2011.


01. Chromed
02. Rattled
03. Sallow
04. Broil



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