Explosions In The Sky have contributed to the soundtrack of Al Pacino’s latest movie, Manglehorn.

The film opens later this month and will be accompanied by an album of original music composed by the Texas band and soundtrack specialist David Wingo on June 22.

Directed by David Gordon Green, Manglehorn tells the story of a small town locksmith (Pacino) who’s never recovered from losing the love of his life. Holly Hunter, Harmony Korine and Chris Messina also star. It arrives in select theatres and on video-on-demand on June 19, and you can check out samples of the music in the trailer below.

Explosions have scored several movies before, including Green’s earlier feature Prince Avalanche, the Mark Wahlberg-starring Lone Survivor and the 2004 American football movie Friday Night Lights. [via FilmMusicReporter]


1. Manglehorn Lock and Key
2. Lightning and a Bottle
3. Did I Scare You?
4. Baseball Miracles
5. A Strange World
6. Peristalsis
7. The Lift
8. Paper Moons
9. Hello!
10. Kylie and the Lion
11. Beehive on a Mailbox
12. The Purge
13. Out to Sea
14. Can You Believe It?



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