Jarvis Cocker has dreamed up a series of fictional records that will go on show in Paris this month.

The 20 Golden Greats exhibition, featuring 20 totally made-up gold records on classic labels like Motown and Island, each designed and drawn by Cocker, is accompanied by an eerie soundtrack. Cocker recorded the music with French DJ and producer Pilooski and the incredible English harpist Serafina Steer. Inspired by the material and spiritual properties of gold, the soundtrack is split into three parts (‘Panning For Gold’, ‘Golden Chains’ and ‘A Mine Of Information’) and occasional bursts of voiceover from the Pulp singer.

“In contrast to the gold record, which is the record industry’s way of confirming commercial success, these fans who engage, share an energy, a communal moment that’s ultimately not so focused on the band, it’s them who symbolise what music means to me,” said Cocker of the exhibition.

The soundtrack has been pressed as a limited edition run of 1,000 copies, available free at Red Bull Space Paris where the show runs from June 17 to August 28. Meanwhile, you can stream the whole record below. [via The Vinyl Factory]



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