Coming a year after his debut album SignalsWen’s new EP feels like his grandest statement yet.

It’s not his longest record, of course: it’s a six-track double EP on Parris’s Soundman Chronicles label, but it feels both broader and more focused than before. There’s plenty of Wen-isms (sampled MC chat on ‘Pace Myself’, and an emphasis on thick bass-weight throughout), but it drifts into new territory for the UK producer: ‘Lunar Tide Cycle’ combines filtered, intricate drums ala Pearson Sound with wild, wobbling basslines, ‘Pace Myself’ takes Zomby’s spiky arpeggios down to the sewers, and ‘She Giv’ is a proper cruise ship of a track, covering huge distances with casual authority.

Senary Cycles will be released through Soundman Chronicles on July 17 (vinyl) and 24 (digital). We’re streaming ‘She Giv’ below. As ever, Red Eye are first on the pre-order.

1. Arlington CT9
2. Pace Myself
3. She Giv
4. Lunar Tide Cycle
5. Switch
6. Gravity Flux



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