Mobile users might soon be able to add buy simple effects plug-ins for their iPad synths.

While most of the attention was on the launch of Apple Music at the WWCD on Monday, there was another bit of news relevant to producers that passed by without much fanfare – the company looks to be bringing Audio Unit plug-ins to iOS.

As Create Digital Music points out, the pre-release developer documentation for iOS 9.0 shows that Apple is opening the way for developers to create plug-ins for iOS apps.

“The Audio Unit extension point allows your app to provide musical instruments, audio effects, sound generators, and more for use within apps like GarageBand, Logic, and other Audio Unit host apps. The extension point also brings a full audio plug-in model to iOS and lets you sell Audio Units on the App Store,” the documentation says.

Currently, if you want to combine iOS music-making apps you need to use a routing system like Audiobus, but CDM believes Apple’s changes mean developers will be able to create simple effects that can be sold on the App Store with a framework that works on both iOS and OS X. This will be done using what Apple is calling “Audio Unit extension points,” which work on both mobile and desktop systems.

CDM believes this will be limited only to simple plug-ins to begin with – simple delay or distortion units for example. It’s also far from being formally announced – the feature may slip to a later version of iOS – but when it does it could mean we’ll be able to buy plug-ins for iOS and OS X on the App Store.

If you missed the details earlier this week, you can find out more about the plans for Apple’s streaming service here.



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