Dark Entries is preparing a fresh release of three hard-to-find Italo disco 12″s.

Two of the records are from husband/wife duo Manlio Cangelli and Lorella Ghilardi, a Milan team responsible for the Blue Russell and Wish Key aliases. Dark Entries is reissuing both Blue Russell’s I Wanna Fly Away and Wish Key’s ‘Orient Express’/’Last Summer’, released on Discomagic Records in 1984 and 1983 respectively – the latter was originally meant to be a Blue Russell track, but on the insistence of Discomagic’s Severo Lombardoni, the duo was persuaded to use a male vocalist instead.

The third record comes from another member of Milan’s productive Italo scene. Released on Sensation Records in 1984, ‘New Dream’ was the one track recorded track by Clay Pedrini before his career was cut short by a severe case of whiplash – Blue Russell’s Manlio Cangelli and Lorella Ghilardi also had a hand in producing the record.

The records are the latest in a series of Italo 12″s from Dark Entries, which has previously seen reissues of Charlie’s ‘Spacer Woman’, Zanzibar’s ‘Witch’ and more.

Each of the three reissues is released on June 30 and comes with a two-sided postcard complete with lyrics, photos and notes designed by Eloise Leigh. You can listen to previews of all three records below.

Blue Russell – I Wanna Fly Away
A I Wanna Fly Away (Vocal)
B I Wanna Fly Away (Instrumental)

Clay Pedrini – New Dream
A New Dream (Vocal)
B New Dream (Instrumental)

Wish Key – Orient Express/Last Summer
A1 Orient Express (Vocal)
A2 Orient Express (Instrumental)
B1 Last Summer (Vocal)
B2 Last Summer (Instrumental)
B3 Last Summer (Go Go Version)



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