HudMo live-tweets his album.

Hudson Mohawke has taken to Twitter to share insights and behind-the-scenes information about each track on the album, which he says “represents the full passage of a day.”

Read the highlights below and check out the Essential… Hudson Mohawke.


“This is a beat acknowledging the classic old just blaze and kanye n jaydee i love… We have another version of this with a rapper. Who knows when that’ll come out. If ever. But it’s the best shit ever”


“The glockenspiel is live. i have a glockenspiel heh… and yeh, been working on this live with actual orchestra. fuck knows if well be able to”

‘Indian Steps’

“Antony’s voice is perfect. Best vocalist I’ve ever worked with. This was the first song we ever recorded together. We did this remotely at first but finished it on a week working together in London… one time Antony going downstairs for coffee and coming back with his pal “george” out of nowhere. ended up being an unrecognizeable Boy George heh, looked like rick rubin. There’s a lot more for Antony’s record that I’ve worked on with OPN. Really proud of it all.”


“So this one is a beat I had as a tribute to glasgow – cause fatima yamaha was a proper Numbers after party tune”


“i found the old workstation i’d written a lot of butter and satin panthers on… a lot of the sounds people know me by. wanted to make something totally me. for people who like fuse i guess. people in comments get worried everytime i do some co-writing or whatever or if i make a hip hop beat – worried i’ve left making my own instrumental sounding shit but i can’t ever do that. i wouldn’t do that. this sorta stuff is who i am i think, more than anything.”

‘Brand New World’

“This is another big sample. Five Star. Uk 80’s RnB. Turns out one their kids is a fan or something n wanted production tips heh”



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