His next book could arrive “tomorrow”.

Morrissey has finished the novel he’s been working on since publishing his best-selling Autobiography. In an interview with Alternative Nation, the singer revealed that the book is “with the publishers who are deciding on a date to publish.”

He didn’t offer any hints about its content, but added that the publication “could be tomorrow, it could be 2071. It’s all in the hands of the publishing gods.​”

The interview also touched on his reputation for cancelling gigs (“The Morrissey hot-lines are always on fire with some daily controversy or other”), his disappointment in President Obama (“He doesn’t appear to support black people when they need it most”) and his unwavering zeal in campaigning for animal rights (“People will eventually understand that eating animals is as dangerous as inhaling tobacco”).

Earlier this year Moz amused us with a T-shirt depicting himself naked with the Queen, while he recently made himself sound a hundred years old by calling crowdfunded albums “desperate”.



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