Listen to the entrancing field recording ‘A Treatise On Hot Water, Version’ below.

Dolphins Into The Future is a sound art project from Lieven Martens Moana that often feels — much like its name — like a meeting between the technological and natural worlds. Using careful editing and manipulation the Belgian producer weaves nature recordings into subtly surreal shapes. When this is paired with live visuals by Wietske Van Gils, it makes for an incredible sensory experience as our coverage of LA’s experimental International Mystery Fest earlier this year proved.

On Dolphins Into The Future albums, however, Moana’s otherworldly field recordings are so organic they inspire their own visuals, transporting listeners to imagined exotic vistas with sounds of birds, flowing water, and local chatter. That power is present on a new collection titled Songs Of Gold, Incandescent out next week. Each track is described as having been “derived by an encounter with an object, a place or a person”, and true to that, each piece feels like it’s capturing a single, intimate scene.

Below you can stream the track ‘A Treatise On Hot Water, Version’, which bubbles along with sounds of flowing water and birds. Like all the tracks on the album, Moana provides written notes about each scene. Read his description below, listen, and grab Songs Of Gold, Incandescent via Bandcamp.

A location recording, tracing the boiling water in a fumarole to a counterpoint of its surrounding fauna. The frogs and one of the birds you hear on this track, were only dwelling around these steaming vents, nowhere to be found on the other parts of the island. Thus these animals create their own small island, inside.



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