Sleaford Mods stick their bovver boot into the ‘Cheer Up London’ flag-wavers.

Frontman Jason Williamson has lashed out at Tunbridge Wells duo Slaves (pictured), accusing the “fucking appalling” band of stealing his style in the latest issue of Crack magazine.

“I think they’re a pile of shit,” Williamson said. “They’re doing my pose in photos, ripping us off. We met them at Beacons festival last year and they asked if me and Andrew [Fearn, fellow Sleaford Mod] would be interested in writing something for the album, and I said no.

“They looked like a Matt Bianco sort of thing,” he added, referring to the besuited 80s jazz-pop outfit, “and now they’re trying to play this working class game. I think they’re fucking appalling.”

You might have had the pleasure of hearing Slaves’ new version of ‘Cheer Up London’ featuring Mike Skinner and Jammer. The third Sleaford Mods album, Key Markets, is out in July.

As the good folk at Norman Records have pointed out, Glastonbury-goers will be able to compare and contrast on the Saturday afternoon of the festival, when Slaves play just before Sleaford Mods in the John Peel Tent. [via NME]



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