Help fund Habeas Corpus.

Earlier this month, Geto Boys member Willie D teased plans for the trio to record their first album since 2005’s The Foundation, saying that crowd-funding the album was “not out of the question.”

Now, the Geto Boys have followed in the footsteps of De La Soul, launching a Kickstarter to fund the recording of the album, Habeas Corpus. In kind, they’ve set the same goal — $100,000 — that De La set and quickly surpassed.

“The wait is over!” the group announces on the Kickstarter. “Like you, we see all the madness going on in the world from terrorism to the economic downturn, to the slew of police shootings, and brutality incidents. Our intent is not to fan the flames and divide, but to put out the fire, and unite. But don’t get it twisted, we’re still not kissing no ass to be accepted.”

“This is a new platform for us. It’s hard to get all three of us excited about the same thing at the same time, but we’re pumped up about our new album, and being on the front end of this groundbreaking approach to how music will be delivered in the future,” they continue.

Along with the usual rewards (CDs, shirts, etc), the Geto Boys have a few special treats up their sleeves: barhop with Bushwick Bill, get Willie D to host your party and endorse your brand or play golf with Scarface, all for just $3,000. And for dedicated horrorcore fans, $10,000 will nab you a custom-designed Geto Boys casket. Head to Kickstarter for details.



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