Also look for a compilation of music from the films of Lucio Fulci.

Tomorrow Death Waltz will release a pair of classic horror movie soundtracks remastered on vinyl. First up is Alexander Blonksteiner’s score to Cannibal Apocalypse, a 1980 film which boasted a lead performance from John Saxon and a supporting character inexplicably named Charles Bukowski. The score was featured on our list of the 100 best horror movie soundtracks last year. The label will also release Horror And Thriller, a compilation of compositions from Fulci films including selections from Fabio Frizzi’s score to The Beyond, Ennio Morricone’s score to Lizard In A Woman’s Skin and Walter Rizzati’s score to The House By The Cemetery.

Death Waltz are also releasing an EP from eerie duo Black Channels, as part of the Death Waltz Originals series. Entitled simply , the three-tracker highlights the band’s cinematic bent, and comes with excellent artwork to match.

Take a look at the artwork below and look for them tomorrow over on Death Waltz’s site.

Death Waltz prep reissue of Alexander Blonksteiner score to <i>Cannibal Apocalypse</i>






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