The classic synthesizer won’t be coming back after all.

There are plenty of successful crowdfunding campaigns, but there are also a lot of failures. The recent Indiegogo campaign to bring back the vintage Elka Synthex unfortunately falls into the latter category.

“The Elka Synthex campaign on Indiegogo has now ended. We’re saddened that we did not reach the funding target,” the organisers said in one of the most heartbreaking emails a synth enthusiast could ever read.

“This unfortunately means that Elka Synthex will not be coming back after all. We thank everyone who contributed and supported us.

“All contributions have been refunded. Contributors will receive these refunds in their paypal account, or issuing credit card (within 5 days). If you have any futher questions about the refund process please contact indiegogo.

“It would have been cool to bring Elka Synthex back.”

Despite successful reissue campaigns by Korg and Roland in recent years, it looks like there just wasn’t as much interest in a new version of a comparatively obscure European polyphonic synthesizer as there was in a new TR-808 or ARP Odyssey.



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