Update: Mike can’t run after all – in order to get elected, he would have to officially enter the race as a “write in” instead of just asking people to write his name in.

He explained the circumstances in a video and short statement on Instagram (below), adding: “I am gonna run one day and WE WILL WIN.” The rapper also appeared on The Nightly Show yesterday to talk about the Rachel Dolezal case.

Michael Render wants to represent District 55.

Killer Mike announced his plans to run as a write-in candidate for state representative to Georgia’s 55th district in tomorrow’s special election. The rapper appealed to fans on Instagram to write in Michael Render (Killer Mike is obviously not acceptable for voting purposes) with the simple slogan: “If I win, We win”.

Render has spent the last year becoming one of the strongest voice of reason in the ongoing issues with police brutality and race relations in America. Just this year we’ve heard him lecture at MIT, appear as a guest at the White House correspondents dinner and use that as a jumping off point for a recent op-ed on police brutality in Baltimore. Take a look at the Instagram post below.

In Atlanta Georgia there will be special election tomorrow for District 55. Former state representative Tyrone Brooks no longer sits in the seat. I would like as many people as possible to go to the polls and write in Michael Render. Why because if I win we win. Thank you now go vote

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I can't run BUT For the folks that were willing to Write in #MichaelRender Thank U so Much. I am gonna run one day and WE WILL WIN. However in Ga I wud have to officially enter as a "write in" vs being an Actual Write in (those are the breaks) but, I really felt it important to draw attention to this race. We have BIG Problems in education, schools and prison reform in Ga and I I wanna see change. I wanna see Yall active in Local politics. The fact that ya'll are willing to support me shows change is possible and while I run around rapping with @thereallyrealelp doing #RunTheJewels for the next few yrs I want ya'll to get & stay active and Run for office! We need more New and fresh ideas & people! Now Tomorrow yall choose between two sisters, a Junior & a white indie (really republican and I'm cool with that too if he does the job so give him a look) I suggest yall Google them read up tonight and GO VOTE tomorrow! I will Run In the Future and We Will Win! Love and Respect Michael Render #Vote #District55 #TomorrowInGeorgia #DontWriteMeInYet #IwannaKeepRapping #MyWifeStillLikesStripClubs #MyOGwantMeToRunDoe #GetAvtive #ChangePolitics #ISeeICanRunAndIWillOneDay #ThankYall make sure yall watch me on #TheNightlyShow with Larry Wilmore at 11:30 est. #GoVote

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