The new owners of Plan B have outlined their plans for the Brixton venue.

Responding to this morning’s reports of the club’s closure, Andy Peyton, owner and head booker at XOYO and The Nest, maintained that the change of ownership was “exciting and positive” for London clubbers.

While many recent club closures have been the result of harsh licensing restrictions and building redevelopment plans, “this is the opposite”, Peyton told FACT. “We wanted to do a club [in] south [London] and we’d been talking to Plan B since October,” he said. “We think it’s an exciting and positive new venue for London.”

The venue will reopen as “a new club with a new name” in September after a “serious makeover”, he added. The new owners had intended to reveal the new name and logo in an announcement at the end of June, but information about the takeover was leaked early. More information about the venture is expected in the next couple of weeks.

Clarification: Plan B has been bought by the owners of XOYO and The Nest, not The Columbo Group. XOYO and The Nest are part of The Columbo Group, which also operates The Old Queen’s Head and two branches of the Blues Kitchen, soon to be joined by a third branch in Brixton on the site of the Electric Social bar.

Update, 7/7/15: The new name is Phonox, which has a website and a Facebook but no other info.



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