You can finally play music from USB on Sony’s console.

The PlayStation 4 is capable of a lot of things – it even has its own music streaming app, PlayStation Music – but until now it’s been impossible to play your own music and video through the console, a feature present in the PS3.

Announced in advance of Sony’s press conference at the E3 show in Los Angeles, the new Media Player update means you can plug a USB drive or DLNA network device into your console and play music straight off it. Handy if you’re one of those people that stubbornly refuses to sign up to Spotify – required for PlayStation Music.

Sony announced an embarrassment of riches during its E3 presentation, including the Final Fantasy VII remake we’ve always wanted, and a Kickstarter for Shenmue 3, the game we never thought would happen. You can check trailers for both of those below, and see where their predecessors placed in our list of the 100 greatest video game soundtracks. [via TechCrunch]




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