It also has its own bungee cord for hanging in the shower.

If you’ve already got the Bluetooth speaker you can wear on your wrist and the Bluetooth speaker that lives inside a lightbulb, then you might want to consider Ultimate Ears’ waterproof UE Roll.

The UE Roll isn’t the first waterproof speaker, but it does have a handy bungee cord ideal for hanging it up in the shower. It’s also shockproof, so it should sustain the odd bump – handy given how much the speaker looks like a frisbee.

If you live in the USA, it’s available now from the Ultimate Ears website. It won’t float unfortunately, but UE is offering a specially designed inflatable ring to place your speaker in if you want to take it in the pool – ideal if you need some time away from your flaming Bluetooth speaker. [via Engadget]

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker looks like a frisbee



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