The synth master returns to Hospital Productions.

Last year, Alessandro Cortini released Sonno via Dominick Fernow’s Hospital Productions imprint, crafting the album with just a Roland MC-202 and a delay pedal. For the album’s followup, Risveglio, Cortini has added to his arsenal with some key pieces, Roland’s TR606 and TB303.

“The 303 can be such a haunting instrument used in a certain way, and I felt it completely fit the mood of the previous work I have done on the 202, especially when given a specific location in space,” he says. “It’s such a living instrument.”

The album was written and recorded while on tour, and “emphasizes the imperfections and visceral textures of electronics vacant from so much contemporary solo synthesizer music.” He will be presenting both Sonno and Risveglio as part of a live audio-visual performance at Berlin Atonal festival in August.

Listen to ‘La Sveglia’ below. Risveglio is due out on July 27 via Hospital Productions; the tracklist follows.

1. Stambecco
2. La Sveglia
3. Rispetto
4. Dormiveglia
5. Lotta
6. La Meta
7. La Via
8. La Guardia
9. Posso
10. Ricadere
11. La Sveglia (Drum Version)



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