New details emerge in the closing of the vital arts institution.

Earlier this month, a licensing clampdown forced long-running venue The Arches into administration. Now, details about the police inquiry that led to the licensing issues have emerged.

The Evening Times reports that police wanted the venue to stop the music every hour and bring up its house lights on club nights for a “cool down period”. The police also wanted to the club to pay for extra police officers to monitor the club, which would have cost about £50,000 a year.

Arches management turned down both requests, and subsequently lost its late license after a review by the Glasgow Licensing Board that was prompted by police. Police Scotland had sent The Arches a 21-point “Agreed Intervention Action Plan,” which included the “cool down” period, an over-25 age policy, and the extra police.

Previously, the venue paid for extra stewarding, a welfare unit, new technology including Scannet ID technology and an LED warning system.



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