Vinyl collector, DJ and producer Hun Choi (aka Hunee) is the rarest of artists.

Choi’s sets straddle genres without sounding like a forced education, showing both his wide array of knowledge and his deep understanding of the dancefloor. A Berlin resident for many years, Choi recently upped sticks and moved out to Amsterdam, so it seemed almost inevitable that he’d end up working with the city’s stories Rush Hour imprint.

The label released Hunee’s debut album Hunch Music earlier this year, and it highlighted just how versatile Choi is as a producer. Giving requisite nods to Detroit and Chicago, Choi tracks through house and techno’s cinematic side with a unique lightness, bringing his expertise and pacing as a DJ to his productions with ease.

That same expertise can be heard throughout Hunee’s FACT mix. There’s nothing show-offy here, rather Choi has hand-picked a selection of summery deep cuts from his extensive catalogue of rarities, blending fuzzy soul, melancholy disco, hypnotic Kosmische music and plenty more to emerge with a mix that practically demands the clouds to part.

Hunee will be performing at Farr Festival this summer – 16-18 July to be precise – so if you’re in the Hertfordshire area, make sure you head over to the Farr site to investigate the expansive lineup and snag tickets.

As usual with a Hunee mix there’s no tracklist, so get spotting.



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