The Cincinnati-bred, Chicago-born talent releases his debut album on Posture.

MWII (aka Micah Wise II, aka Martell Flagg) is a producer-vocalist-songwriter-director whose hazy, hybrid music fits nicely on Chicago label-to-watch Posture.

He tags his debut album, In The Midst Of It All, as “post-rap,” and there is certainly a focus on woozy, autobiographical tunes that forgo contemporary rap sounds. MWII is particularly moody and confessional on songs like ‘Genesis’, ‘In Lust’ and ‘Will Power’, but he can also bring it, like on the Atlanta-reminiscent ‘I Won’t Change’, a track armed with loads of post-Yeezus low-end.

Longtime collaborator KIT turns up on two tracks, along with fellow Posture vocalist David Ashley; the album is entirely self-produced, except for ‘These Days’, a Three 6 Mafia-nodding tune helmed by KHALFANIGLOBAL.

Stream In The Midst Of It All below and download it via Posture.



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