The latest project from Bristol’s Idle Hands label finds two stalwarts of the city’s techno and bass scene looking beyond the dancefloor for their kicks.

O$VMV$M (Osumusm? Ovum? We’ve no idea) is the freshly formed duo of Young Echo producers Neek, who’s best known for his grime, dub and dancehall-tinged work with Kahn, and Amos Childs of duo Jabu.

The project debuted last month with a tape release on No Corner, Memoryz Ov U, and now they present a self-titled EP of eight ambient and brooding vignettes made in the same manner, cutting and pasting samples and found sounds into moody loops that hark back to their sound system roots.

“When we started the project we had just begun putting on the Young Echo Sound monthly events, so having a space to play less ‘functional’ music influenced the direction we chose,” Amos and Neek explain.

“We would watch a lot of 70s and 80s B-movies and horrors, so soundtracks have definitely been a source for samples. We also gathered field recordings from work on our phones and sampled hardcore and soul records.”

O$VMV$M have given us the full stream of the EP ahead of its release on Idle Hands in mid-July – dive in below.



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