The channel is finally opening itself up to audience-created content.

In the era of YouTube, Vine and Instagram it was pretty much inevitable – MTV is rebranding for the social media age and opening itself up to audience-created videos, changing its tagline from “I want my MTV” to “I am my MTV”.

The channel’s new initiatives include #MTVbump (stylised in hashtag form of course), which allows viewers to submit videos from Vine and Instagram for transmission between scheduled programming. There’s also MTV Art Breaks, a strand highlighting experimental video art, music and storytelling from emerging artists around the world and MTV Canvas, an online sticker book where viewers can play with images and backgrounds in an MTV-branded space.

“MTV has always been committed to reinvention, and it’s time to shed our skin and reinvent again,” said Viacom’s Kerry Taylor. “Our audience expects MTV to push boundaries and take creative risks, and we truly believe that with this rebrand MTV’s international channels will look like nothing else.”

The rebrand will reportedly see MTV bringing user-generated content to air quicker than any other TV network, reshaping it from a channel with lots of local identities into something more befitting of our globally connected world.

“People these days want to be local, but they see themselves as global citizens and we weren’t making the most of the fact that we got this amazing global creative community,” Taylor told the Hollywood Reporter. “In the past, MTV was always famous for the creativity of our idents and allowing audiences to participate. So, our question was how can we do that, but in a very modern and social way.”

Taylor also hopes this new focus will help to discover new talent, saying “If we see pieces of content that come through and people really love them, then who knows what might happen. ‎I would love to say in a year, we had this person who created a bump and now they have their own show or something like that.” [via The Hollywood Reporter]




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