Berlin promoters Leisure System have taken to running a label like a duck to water, releasing music by JETS, Dopplereffekt and Objekt in the last few years. 

Their latest move comes from Rob Clouth, who debuted on the label with last year’s ‘Clockwork Atom’. ‘Deep Field’, in Clouth’s own words, is an attempt “to make something bouncy, growling and awkward with lurches and spaces in all the wrong places – that still made you want to move. Whether I succeeded or not, making it was a blast: I was mostly just prancing around the room in my undies, occasionally going to the computer and tweaking some things. It’s spattered with glitches and field recordings of kettles and toilet cubicles.”

It’s fucked up, dirty mechanoid music in other words (albeit with some lovely pads), and who better to remix it than Kowton – one of the best around at making music that sounds like it’s been thrown in a car-crusher but comes up an anthem against all odds.

“I wanted to do something that felt in keeping with the more intricate and sound design based output Leisure System is known for”, Kowton tells us, “while at the same time maintaining the broken and tougher aspects I normally have running through my music. It wasn’t a particularly easy task and we went through so many versions but I think in the end we were left with something we were all happy with.”

The full EP is out on Monday June 29, also sporting a remix by Vessels. Stream ‘Deep Field’ and the Kowton remix below, and buy the record here. The label will also be celebrating their 7th anniversary in Berlin at Berghain on July 10, with sets from KiNK, Perc, Kowton, Nathan Fake and more.



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