It’s no secret that East 17 have seen better days.

The 90s boyband performed at The Academy in Dublin last week, a venue with a capacity of 800. Unfortunately for the group, only thirty people showed up to the gig.

One reason for the poor attendance could be the fact that Brian Harvey and Tony Mortimer, the lead singers who featured on the band’s biggest hits, are absent from the lineup.

One attendee, Tom Flynn, told The Sun: “They looked so ridiculous performing to nobody. Tony Mortimer and Brian Harvey, who sang all their big hits, aren’t with the band any more. So you just have the guys that did the dancing, John Hendy and Terry Coldwell, with a new singer called Robbie Craig.”

Flynn also posted a few images of the small crowd, which you can see below. East 17 delayed their performance by an hour before admirably taking the stage to perform to the cavernous crowd. [via Metro]



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