Actor says he’s “the best in the west” in new freestyle footage.

A video has surfaced of Shia LaBeouf dropping an amusing a capella freestyle. The Holes actor spits off the dome for almost three minutes to a crowd of delighted onlookers, somewhere in the woods.

Clearly confident in his own abilities, LaBeouf asked the crowd to “give him words.” When one onlooker mentions Transformers, the actor raps “Nah, none of that. Transformers is the dummy rap and I’m so past that.”

LaBeouf says he’s the “best to do this since Tupac was doing music,” but with bars like “still breakin’ down potatoes like I’m fuckin’ Galileo,” we’re not sure Shia will be giving up his day job any time soon.

Watch the footage below. [via Dazed Digital]

Update: Once a thief, always a thief: MC-producer Pri The Honey Dark says (via Instagram) that LaBeouf stole some of his “freestyle” from a 1999 song by the Anomolies, a New York rap crew of which she was a part. Compare the Anomolies clip at 0:45 with LaBeouf’s rap at 2:23 — sounds the same to us. [via WatchLoud]



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