Brainfeeder artist Daedelus has designed a custom sampler and delay unit together with boutique synth company Bleep Labs.

Called – appropriately enough – the Delaydelus, the tiny effects unit splices together the buttons from an old arcade cabinet with an artfully-designed circuit board. The unit also features three knobs and its own tiny patch bay connected by alligator clips, used for rewiring the device in multiple ways.

The unit contains eight samples designed by Daedelus, but it also lets you record your own into one of eight user memory banks. Using the patch bay you can combine up to four samples at a time and make use of the one-second delay, or send external audio through the unit instead. The audio input can also be used to trigger and modulate samples, making it the ideal partner for a modular synth.

It’s also got a host of digital options too – a built-in USB port lets you control the device via MIDI, and it can be reprogrammed with Arduino software.

As you’d expect from such a unique-looking unit, it’s capable of some fairly wild sounds, which you can check out in the video below. You can pre-order the unit as part of a one-off production run from Bleep Labs now, but only until July 2. [via XLR8R]



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