Chances are, you’ve seen this photo this weekend.

It’s been posted and shared all over social media, with fans and artists alike claiming that it’s their highlight of Glastonbury 2015. Here’s Ellie Goulding, one of many, singing its praises:

What an amazing photo from Glastonbury!

A photo posted by elliegoulding (@elliegoulding) on

However, as inspiring as the photo is, it’s not from Glastonbury. As the BBC points out, it’s actually taken from a Young the Giant performance at San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival – back in 2013.

It was taken by photographer Jeff Kravitz, and the subject is Ryan Chen, who suffered a severe spinal cord injury while snowboarding in 2009. The song being performed is ‘My Body’, which Chen told The Huffington Post at the time was “an anthem to my life and one of the greatest songs ever written”.

You’d think the lack of stupid flags would’ve given it away anyway. Follow the rest of FACT’s Glastonbury coverage here.





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