Superpoze underwent “something of a revolution” on his new album Opening, out now through his own label Combien Mille.

The French producer describes the album as “very moving, personal electro, focusing on melody like never before” – and it’s that emotion that bleeds through into the video for ‘Overseas’, one of the record’s highlights. We’ve premiered the video on FACT TV, which is directed by François Larpin and nods to films like Paris, Texas and Under The Skin.

In Superpozes words, “Overseas evokes a feeling between comfort and insecurity – stuck in between self-control and letting go. Those are intuitive feelings that come to me as I listen to the first part of the track with the soft and reassuring piano; while a synthesized spirit carries away the second part.”

“I liked the idea to illustrate this with a car. A car is a closed and protective space but as the same time it’s an ongoing source of danger. I also think it is relevant not giving a literal meaning to the track’s title, nor cliché images that the track could inspire. The general mood should prevail – regardless of context or time.”



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