Ricardo Donoso has a new album on the way for Denovali.

Machine To Machine is Donoso’s third LP for the German label this year, following a double pack in January that included a reissue of his 2010 cassette tape Deterrence.

According to the label, Machine To Machine “bridge[s] the gap between Donoso’s more rhythmic and melodic work alongside his more experimental, loose and dissonant side.” The new album was recorded over the last two years, during a period in which recent albums Saravu Exu and A Song For Echo were also written.

Machine To Machine explores themes of subliminal advertising, stenography and the Zaltman metaphor elicitation technique—”a meditation on priming with and without awareness and a treatise on the psychophysics of our contemporary age.” The album was reportedly inspired by thinkers Edward Bernays, Gustave Le Bon and Ernest Dichter.

Machine To Machine will be released via Denovali on July 31. [via RA]


01. Akrasia
02. Axon Terminal
03. The Stretching Of The Cord
04. Incumbent Operator
05. Pinnacle
06. HaRI
07. The Iron Cage
08. Some Buy The Locks
09. Dance Of Attunement



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