Back in 2013, Grouper’s Liz Harris released a fuzz-pop single with a trio called Helen, also featuring Jed Bindeman of Eternal Tapestry and Scott Simmons.

Now the band – which “originally started with the intention of being a thrash band”, according to a press release – have announced their debut album, The Original Faces. Recorded over several years in Portland by the band and “their friends Nick, Chris and, largely, Justin Higgins. The record was written together, with some songs based on Liz and Scottʼs demos.” It’s out on Harris’ regular label Kranky on September 4.

Check out the band’s exceptionally short and sweet new single ‘Motorcycle’ below and see the album artwork and tracklist underneath. Oh, and don’t miss Grouper’s wonderful FACT mix. [via Pitchfork]


The Original Faces:

01 Ryder
02 Motorcycle
03 Covered in Shade
04 Felt This Way
05 Pass Me By
06 Right Outcome
07 Allison
08 Dying All the Time
09 Grace
10 City Breathing
11 Violet
12 The Original Faces



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