D E C will arrive via Henke’s own Imbalance Computer Music imprint.

German electronic innovator Robert Henke will release a new Monolake EP in August. D E C is the third instalment in the five-part V L S I series that was launched late last year with X I E, the first Monolake material in three years. The second entry, I A, was released in March. Material from all five vinyl releases will be re-worked into a CD album that will arrive next year.

Henke has also announced plans for a newly re-mastered version of 1997’s Floating.Point album, the second CD he released under his own name. The largely ambient album features input from Gerhard Behles, formerly a member of Monolake. Along with Bernd Roggendorf, Henke and Behles launched the Ableton software company in 1999, where Bales still sits as CEO.

Monolake’s D E C will be released via Imbalance Computer Music on August 7. A date for the Floating.Point re-release is yet to be announced. [via RA]

D E C Tracklist:

A1 Dystopia
A2 Error
B Crash



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