RZA loves releasing music on portable speakers.

After kicking off their collaboration in the mid-2000s, RZA and System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian have finally released an album-worth of Achozen material.

However, like certain editions of A Better Tomorrow, the collection will only be available on a limited edition, Boombotix portable speaker. Once again, RZA was attracted to the idea of people having a “physical device in their hand for music,” and after the “success” of the Wu-Tang release, he and Shavo decided to release the album to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the Armenian genocide while avoiding “all that other bullshit that we’ve been trying to avoid” with major label releases.

The eight-track release features George Clinton, GZA, John Frusciante and The Man With The Iron Fists star Russell Crowe and is described by Boombotix as a “hip hop album fusing positive themes with genre-bending sounds.” The speaker-album is available now for $120.

That reminds us, whatever happened to that album-in-a-box Once Upon a Time in Shaolin? [via Rolling Stone]



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