Perc and Danny Passarella have combined to create an EP inspired by Cronenberg’s Videodrome.

The UK techno lynchpin and design-minded musician will release the new EP on the latter’s Passarella record label next month. It is inspired by David Cronenberg’s postmodernist horror classic Videodrome, released in 1983.

Best known for his Passarella Death Squad t-shirt line, Danny Passarella has also released a handful of records under the same banner, mostly for George Issakidis’ Republic of Desire label.

A press release for the EP describes the ambient, analogue synthesizer soundscapes as “lavishly colourful… like an obsessive James Woods slithering into his television in the climactic sequence of Cronenberg’s horror classic Videodrome.”

Videodrome will be released via Passarella on August 30. The digital version is available now and can be streamed in full below. [via RA]


01. Play
02. Stop
03. Fast Forward
04. Rewind
05. Pause



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