IDM icon Venetian Snares has announced a 7-track EP on his regular label Planet Mu.

Last year Aaron Funk released My Love Is A Bulldozer, his first Venetian Snares album since 2010’s My So-Called Life. He’ll follow that later this month with the Your Face EP, arriving in the wake of batch of archival material from his Last Step alias.

The accompanying press release offers little information about the record; instead he’s asked “three septugenarians” to review the tracks. Sample feedback: “I couldn’t imagine dancing to that, or even ‘moving’ to it in a way, so I find it disturbing, yes.” And: “Quite nice, sort of like dream music or something? I just can’t take all the big beats.”

Check out the first track, ‘Your Face When I Finally’. The Your Face EP is out on July 24 on 12″ and digital formats.


1 Your Face When I Finally
2 Former Eagle
3 Red Orange 2
4 Become Magic Dolphins
5 Stockpiles of Sentiment
6 Misericordial
7 Your Face When I Finally (Glass Version)



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