The New York YouTuber unveils a new musical project.

Michael Jukeson became internet-famous with his project, brightening lives with his on-request dance routines. When he’s not toiling on YouTube, he DJs with the Astro Nautico crew; now, he’s readied his first releases as a producer. Recorded as just Michael, Club By Michael offers four versions a ‘Club’ track that are alternately untethered, pneumatic, noisy and buoyant, but always playful.

“I wanted to make a record that portrayed my love of music, movement, dance, and fundamentally, to celebrate those whom have deeply inspired me without occupying the space they have uniquely created,” he writes via email. “My aim was to create a space that was individually mine — a space that speaks of my unique experience with club music.”

“I enjoy implementing a bit of confusion in a dance tune. The idea of creating a moment of hesitation (e.g. a moment where someone wants to move but is not quite sure how) really excites me. I actually confused myself quite a bit in the process of making this record.”

Club By Michael is the debut release of Orlando Volcano’s Escape From Nature, and is backed by remixes by Nguzunguzu’s NA and Air Max 97. Until its July 21 release, stream the four originals below.



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