Hear the throbbing title track now.

Last year many were introduced to the weird, wonderful world of Kerry Leimer through RVNG’s retrospective A Period of Review (Original Recordings: 1975-1983). Now with the new upcoming collection Artificial Dance, fans will get to hear what came next.

What did come next was the 1983 album The Neo Realist (At Risk) from Leimer’s “artificial band”, Savant. Recorded with musicians gathered from his Seattle home, Leimer pushed the band to improvise with instruments that they didn’t normally play before arranging everything to his vision. Artificial Dance collects Savant’s single album with their debut 12″ and a handful of unreleased tracks to create a complete catalog of the project. As the title track below shows the end certainly justified the bizarre means.

Artificial Dance is out September 3. Order it from RVNG here.



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