The soundtrack will be available the week after the film’s release.

Next month, Sony will release their latest reboot to the classic Marvel superhero team The Fantastic Four. As we heard before, they’ve enlisted Marco Beltrami and Philip Glass for the score. Now we have word that that soundtrack will be released August 14, one week after Fantastic Four‘s August 7 release. [via Exclaim]

Take a look at the tracklist and the trailer for the film below and revisit our guide to the essential Philip Glass.

Fantastic Four: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:

01. ‘Fantastic Four Prelude’
02. ‘Transporting the Car’
03. ‘Science Fair’
04. ‘Arriving in the City’
05. ‘Boardroom, Baxter’s Lab’
06. ‘Reed Enters the Lab’
07. ‘Meeting Victor’
08. ‘Johnny In the Lab’
09. ‘Building the Shuttle’
10. ‘Elder Arrives’
11. ‘Neil Armstrong’
12. ‘Quantum Shuttle’
13. ‘First Footprints’
14. ‘Planet Zero Escape’
15. ‘Elder and Storm, Ben’s Drop’
16. ‘Real World Applications’
17. ‘Elder Pressures Storm’
18. ‘Looking For Reed’
19. ‘Ben’s Mission, Finding Reed’
20. ‘Storm Talks With Johnny’
21. ‘Return to Planet Zero’
22. ‘Victor’s Wake’
23. ‘In Pursuit of Victor’
24. ‘Confrontation’
25. ‘End Titles’



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