Listen to ‘Flatland’ and ‘Jenseits’ below.

Lumisokea are a Belgian-based duo consisting of Koenraad Ecker and Andrea Taeggi who will release their next album September 4 via Helm‘s label Alter.

Named for Greek goddess of Memory, Mnemosyne began with a foundation of vintage synthesizers recorded during a residency at the W.O.R.M. sound studio in Rotterdam and was later fleshed out with processed instruments including gamelan bells, prepared piano, and percussion. It comes together to form some pretty vivid atmospheres which you can explore on the pair of tracks below.

Mnemosyne track list:

1. Flatland
2. Prowl
3. Sybil
4. Abri
5. Wiccan
6. Risacca
7. Hearsay
8. Jenseits
9. Egress



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