The label kicks off with a new solo EP from the Dial artist.

John Roberts has revealed details of his new label, Brunette Editions, which launches with a two-track 12″ from the artist called Orah.

First revealed back in March, the label will operate as a platform for “music, printed matter, recordings and books”. Roberts told RA that he will be responsible for the art direction of each release, “but working with friends who are also involved with or inspired by music in one way or another”.

Orah is released on September 4, and according to Roberts, the record was made on an MPC2000 with samples from records bought at junk shops around New York. You can hear clips below.

According to an interview with Inverted Audio in March the launch of Brunette Editions doesn’t mean the end of his longstanding relationship with Dial – he is currently working on an album for the label alongside running Brunette Editions.



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