Find out what people are streaming most across the world.

Apple might be trying have launched Beats 1 radio to bring one station to a global audience, but Spotify’s new musical map shows that tastes across the world aren’t that universal.

The streaming service has created an interactive map that makes use of the streaming service’s data, allowing you to listen to playlists comprised of the most popular songs played in cities around the globe. According to Spotify, the playlists update every two weeks.

The map features almost 1000 cities, and allows you to see what’s popular everywhere from Lisbon to Sao Paulo. It also highlights the differences within countries too – Croydon is listening to Skepta, Giggs, JME and Stormzy at the moment, while Portsmouth, inexplicably, is listening to Madness and Slaves.

The map isn’t truly global – it’s limited to countries Spotify is currently available in, which are predominantly western – but for some poeple it could be a better way to discover new music than anything Apple Music currently has to offer. [via The Verge]



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