The London comes with its own dedicated audio processor, and is aimed at music fans.

After expanding its remit into the world of headphones, iconic amplifier brand Marshall now has its own Android phone.

Called the “London”, the phone is aimed at music lovers, with two speakers, two headphone jacks, global equaliser and dedicated soundcard for processing audio. It plays uncompressed formats like FLAC, and Marshall claims it will make even the humble MP3 sound better – though we’d take that with a pinch of salt.

The phone also has the retro black and gold look of a Marshall amplifier. There’s an “M-Button” for direct access to your music and a classic scroll wheel for volume control rather than the more imprecise buttons you’d expect on most contemporary devices.

As well as a device aimed at listening to music, the London also comes with handy creative tools. It features dual microphones and a four-track recording app called Loopstack pre-loaded, and despite Marshall being a brand you’d typically associate with amplifying electric guitars, it also comes with its own DJ app.

The London costs 4,995 Swedish Krona (around $585/£375) and will be available from August 17. [via The Verge]



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