Because IKEA haven’t thought of this one yet.

Caring for a growing collection of 45s can be tricky. Secondhand records are in a fragile enough state even before you get them home, and new 7″s get tattered easily when they’re stuffed next to 12″s in an Expedit shelf that’s too big for them.

Behold! Stones Throw have come up with a highly covetable solution to this most niche of problems: a customised, interlocking record crate emblazoned with the label’s logo.

Mooted last year but new to the label’s online store, the crates are made in the USA from laser-cut 6-ply alder with two inset polished metal Stones Throw emblems on either end, and can hold up to 80 records.

Read an interview with Stones Throw boss Peanut Butter Wolf on Dilla and the records that have defined the label, and dip into his record-breaking 24-hour FACT mix. [via The Vinyl Factory]






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