It appears Kid A wasn’t Yorke’s first foray into experimental electronic music.

More early footage of a pre-Radiohead Thom Yorke has surfaced, this time taken from Exeter’s Contemporary Music Festival in 1990.

The footage was found by Shaun McCrindle, the same person who filmed the early performance of ‘High and Dry’ that emerged earlier this week. Unlike that video, which saw Yorke with early band Headless Chickens at Exeter University, this footage shows Yorke providing electronics and vocals part of an experimental modern classical ensemble.

It’s 22 minutes long, but highlights include Yorke playing an arpeggio (9:00) and Yorke’s vocals (14:20). There’s also the small matter of some giant dice being thrown around on stage at the 12 minute mark.

If you missed it, watch Yorke’s pre-Radiohead ‘High and Dry’ performance with Headless Chickens here. [via Pitchfork]



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