Ultimate DJ is still a thing.

Simon Cowell’s Ultimate DJ, the trendy version of his X Factor empire that has been billed as the world cup of EDM, received a new blow this week with both Tiësto and DJ Fresh weighing in on the show’s value.

Tiësto has said that he doesn’t believe the show will work because “the vocal aspect is what’s missing. When you see someone sing good or bad that will never get boring. But you need an hour to DJ, not two minutes on TV.”

Meanwhile DJ Fresh also declined to take part, saying “I didn’t really feel it was something I wanted to be involved in.”

They join Fatboy Slim who apparently told Cowell to “fuck off” when approached about being a judge.

Still, the show will feature Australian EDM duo Nervo as judges, according to the Daily Star. For those unaware of the duo, they’ve apparently “kick-started the whole EDM movement by writing When Love Takes Over for David Guetta.”

And of course Cowell still has Steve Aoki and his cake fetish to rope in the viewers.



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