Pushing buttons in time shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Canadian artist Hrdvsion has created Push Hero, a Guitar Hero-inspired game for Ableton’s Push device.

Originally intended as a teaching aid, to help kids learn how to use Ableton Live, the game has now been made available for all.

Push Hero lets you play along to a song of your choice with three difficulty levels and a score meter to tell you how you’re doing or, as the video below shows, impart in a cold robotic voice just how little funk you have.

Push Hero was created entirely with clips and MIDI effects. After the friend he had created the game for left the school he was working at, Hrdvsion decided to finish it and share it with everyone.

Watch the Ableton staff struggle to play along to New Order’s ‘Bizarre Love Triangel’ below and download Push Hero from Hrdvsion’s site (and see a set up tutorial here).



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