Berlin label 50Weapons shuts down

By , Jul 20 2015

Berlin’s 50Weapons is preparing to shut down after a decade.

The label launched in 2005 with Modeselektor’s anonymously released Fifty Weapons #001, and was always intended to wind up after 50 releases – among them tracks by Cosmin TRG, Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka, Addison Groove and Dark Sky.

“We were sitting together one night with Shlom from Boomkat in his music room and were telling him how we wanted to start a bootleg label where we only released 50 cent bootlegs, 50 releases only. So a 100% idiot concept! We were slightly drunk, and this is how the name popped up,” they told RA in 2011.

Modeselektor made the announcement with a video posted on Facebook.



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