The drummer is currently remanded on bail and will re-appear in court next month.

Embattled former AC/DC stickman Phil Rudd appeared in a New Zealand courtroom earlier today, charged with breaching the conditions of his home detention sentence by possessing and consuming alcohol.

Rudd was just nine days into an eight-month home detention sentence when arrested. The disposed drummer spent Saturday night and all of Sunday in jail as he awaited his court appearance on Monday morning.

Crown Prosecutor Anna Pollett requested that Rudd undergo drug and alcohol testing when required by police as a new condition for his bail. Rudd was previously banned from drinking alcohol or taking any drugs not prescribed to him for the duration of his sentence.

When Ms Pollett sought to confirm the new condition with Judge Bidois, Rudd reportedly leaned over in the dock and scowled at her, while muttering swear words.

Rudd’s lawyer, Craig Tuck, did not oppose the order. The drummer was remanded to re-appear on August 3. [via New Zealand Herald]



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