Discover Weekly offers a personalised selection of deep cuts every Monday.

Apple Music has made much of its personal recommendations since the streaming service launched last month. Now Spotify has offered its answer to Apple’s wide spread of curated playlists – a tool that makes a weekly playlist based on your listening habits.

Discover Weekly uses your own listening data and that of users similar to you to create a two-hour playlist that refreshes every Monday, highlighting lesser-known tracks and deep cuts.

“We wanted to make something that felt like your best friend making you a mixtape, labelled ‘music you should check out’, every single week,” Spotify’s Matthew Ogle told The Guardian. “Some weeks, your recent listening will nudge it in new directions, and in other weeks, Discover Weekly might be the one doing the nudging,” he said.

The feature is rolling out now, and should be visible at the top of your Playlist folder. The new playlist is one of several recent changes to Spotify, which announced in May it was adding streaming video to its service.



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